How do I get my baby used to weaning food?

Starting to eat weaning food with a spoon

Depending on the individual state of development of your baby, milk will no longer be sufficient from 6th month. Nutritional experts now recommend extending the menu by adding vegetable, potato and meat dishes. Meat is not only rich in protein. It is also the best supplier of natural iron.

First weaning food week after the 6th month

Breakfast Breastfeeding
Later in the morning Breastfeeding
At lunchtime Vegetables (puréed or mashed), followed by breastfeeding
In the afternoon Breastfeeding
In the evening Breastfeeding
Between meals If required: diluted juices

Start with weaning food after the 6th month

  • At lunchtime before milk, start with 4 to 6 spoonfuls of vegetables (puréed or mashed).
  • After the vegetables, give your baby breast milk until he/she is full.
  • Increase the amount of vegetables by a few spoonfuls every day.
  • If your baby does not accept the vegetables immediately: just be patient. Try repeatedly for several days.
  • Use a flat plastic spoon with rounded edges

From the second weaning food week

  • Continue with vegetables (puree'd or mashed), which you may now add to the menu.

What’s next?

  • After your baby has become familiar with vegetables, you can also use meals with blenderized meat.
  • One meal with meat is important to give your child enough iron.
  • As soon as your little one eats about 190g of solid food (puréed, mashed, blenderized), leave out the breast milk at lunchtime.
  • Some spoonfuls of cereal as a dessert after a solid food (puréed, mashed, blenderized) from 6 months make the lunch complete. The vitamin C in the fruit promotes the absorption of iron.
  • As the 3rd weaning meal, a cereal and fruit drink is fed in the afternoons instead of a milk meal.

Tip: the more solid food your baby gets, the more important the drinking issue becomes. Therefore, offer your baby liquid, but do not force them to drink.