How does the phased HiPP Organic nutrition concept work?

Babies should have time to get used to new foodstuffs. This is exactly the concept on which the three stages of the special nutrition plan are based.

First 6 months During the first six months, all you need for your baby is breast milk.
Phase I: At 6 months
Start the first attempts to eat with a spoon (from the 6th month) with one type of vegetable, e.g. "HiPP Organic Pure Baby Carrots", or "HiPP Organic Pumpkin". Increase the amount of vegetable by a few spoonfuls every day.
Phase II
If your baby can digest the new food easily, start feeding weaning food with two ingredients a few days later (e.g. Baby Carrots with Potatoes, Pumpkin with Potatoes).
Phase III
If your baby has no problem digesting these ingredients either, then they are ready for the third stage of nutrition concept: weaning food made from three ingredients (e.g. "HiPP Carrots with Potatoes and Organic Beef", or "HiPP Pumpkin with Potatoes and Organic Beef").

The phased HiPP nutrition concept for the first weaning food meal

The table shows you how and what steps are best to take in building up your baby's diet plan.