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The Best from Nature.

Our commitment to producing organic ingredients is another little thing we do at HiPP.

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The Best for Nature.

Working with nature is our way of taking responsibility for the next generations to come.

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Our Highest Quality for your Most Valuable in Life.

We believe that quality control matters especially for milk, our little ones’ first food.

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Latest in Nutrition Science

We are committed to conform our products with the latest recommendations for macro-nutrient intakes specific to age.

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Sustainable Protection

HiPP plant in Pfaffenhofen

Through the consistent use of renewable energies, HiPP has been able to reduce CO2 emissions by roughly 90% in the last 14 years. Compared to the year 2000, approximately 14,000 tonnes of CO2 less have been produced in 2014. In order to bind this amount of CO2, a forest of the size of roughly 5,000 football pitches would be needed.

Organic is more than Natural

Our Products

Inspired by the benefits of nature, HiPP Organic Kindermilk is specially formulated using only the finest organic milk.

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Quality inspections

Even though we use only carefully selected ingredients, the best way to ensure optimum quality is a tight network of checks.

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The HiPP Family

The HiPP company has been a by-word for the conscious and sensitive handling of nature, humanity and business for over five decades. You can find all the information about the company here.

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Organic Quality & Sustainability

Sustainability is not a trend topic. We are committed to organic farming for more than 60 years now and have shaped sustainable standards as a pioneer.

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