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Vegetable cultivation

Chemicals forbidden!

HiPP Organic Seal

Comprehensive quality

Organic is more than Natural

HiPP organic quality

HiPP's products is developed to the best principles of nutrition science with the most stringent organic quality checks.

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Organic milk

HiPP only uses milk from farms that fully comply with the guidelines of organic farming. This makes organic milk for HiPP organic milk such a valuable food.

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Quality inspections

HiPP jar products wrapped together by sustainalbe plastic packaging on a supply belt inside a production factory.

Even though we use only carefully selected ingredients, the best way to ensure optimum quality is a tight network of checks.

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Packaging – eco-friendly solutions

HiPP makes every effort to reduce packaging material to an absolute minimum. All new packaging must be ecologically sounder than its predecessor.

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HiPP plant in Pfaffenhofen

Through the consistent use of renewable energies, HiPP has been able to reduce CO2 emissions by roughly 90% in the last 14 years. Compared to the year 2000, approximately 14,000 tonnes of CO2 less have been produced in 2014. In order to bind this amount of CO2, a forest of the size of roughly 5,000 football pitches would be needed.

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