Feeding Solutions

From infancy to immediate growing up years, the feeding choices you make for your little one can have a lifelong impact on their health. Some children may experience feeding problem reactions like colic, constipation, flatulence, and over activity. Within this section are articles that aim to provide important information about child nutrition for overall development as well as specific conditions that may require special attention and nutritional support.

Benefits of Organic as a RightSource Nutrition For Your Child

Thinking of switching to Organic? Learn about the benefits of Organic to help your child get a right start in life with RightSource Nutrition Support!

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Why It Matters: Importance of RightNutrients for Your Child

Find out why it is important to provide your child with the RightNutrients to help support their optimal health that could last a lifetime.

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RightChoice Nutrition Support for Natural- or CS-born Child

gain knowledge about what they consume and how it affects them in the long run.

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Mom's Gut Feel 101

Learn about the ‘gut bugs’ that help your child feel comfortable, healthy, and happy!

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The Best from Nature.

The owners of HiPP, Claus and Stefan Hipp, smiling and posing side by side with a green open field with some trees as the background

Our commitment to producing organic ingredients is another little thing we do at HiPP.

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The Best for Nature.

An old photo of the HiPP farm

Working with nature is our way of taking responsibility for the next generations to come.

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