G6PD Deficiency

G6PD Deficiency is a genetic condition that affects almost 400 million worldwide. A child with this condition lacks the G6PD enzyme that protects the red blood cells from early destruction. This makes red blood cells vulnerable to breakdown, which can lead to anemia.

G6PD Deficiency: Understanding the Condition

As parents, job number one is to help your child live healthy and normal lives. If your child has G6PD deficiency, being very familiar with the condition is important to fulfill that role.


Helpful Tips to Managing G6PD Deficiency

What should be done now? Can they lead a normal and healthy life? Is it manageable? With any condition, the first step is to get a good understanding.


G6PD Deficiency Without Symptoms: Should You Worry

Most children with G6PD deficiency don’t show symptoms until exposed to certain medications or food triggers such as Soy products, fava beans, and legumes.


Choosing the Right Milk for Children with G6PD Deficiency

Milk is an essential part of a young child’s daily diet. It contains vital nutrients to help with their healthy growth and development.



A Guide to Newborn Screening

Having a baby is one of the happiest moments of a parent’s life. This joyous day also comes with some critical tests to determine if your child is clear from certain health conditions. 


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