8 healthy and easy-to-make snacks for picky eaters


Keeping a child healthy is a top priority for moms. This includes selecting and creating tasty yet nutritious meals —and yes, that includes fun snack times.

Young children don’t eat the same meals as adults, and their high levels of activity make them inclined to eat between meals. Having healthy snacks available not only ensures they’re getting proper nutrition but also helps build good eating habits. 

With most commercial snacks being high in sugar and other unhealthy additives, creating snacks at home can be a healthy practice. In this article, we will provide healthy snack ideas for your child that are easy to make.

8 Healthy and Easy-to-Make Snacks

Healthy snacks should ease up on added sugar and focus on more nutritious or natural ingredients. An organic milk supplement can be beneficial, especially if your child has allergies because it is free from allergens, added artificial sugars, and other harmful chemicals.

1. Plain yogurt with fruits

Plain yogurt by itself is already full of essential nutrients like protein and calcium. Some types of yogurt may also contain live bacteria known as probiotics that are good for your child’s tummy.

Adding fruit slices or chunks to plain yogurt gives it flavor and makes it a tastier snack. Fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for your child’s health. Apples and pears are perfect for this snack, as they are high in fiber and naturally sweet.

2. Celery with peanut butter and raisins

Also known as “ants on a log,” celery with peanut butter and raisins introduces vegetables to children in the form of a delicious snack. Celery is filled with a lot of vitamins. Together with raisins and peanut butter, this snack gives your child a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fat.

Making this snack is as simple as slicing the celery stalk into 3–4 pieces, spreading peanut butter inside it, and then placing raisins on top of the peanut butter. To make it healthier, opt for peanut butter with no added sugars, vegetable oils, and other additives.

3. Homemade milk and banana “ice cream”

Conventional ice cream can be full of sugar. A homemade alternative lets your child enjoy a cool treat on a hot day while still getting the nutrition they need.

To create this healthy snack, mash a banana while adding milk until it reaches ice cream consistency, then place it in the freezer. Bananas are perfect for this “ice cream” as they provide the perfect consistency for the mixture. For milk, you may opt to choose organic milk for kids, as it is free from allergens, chemical residue, and added sugars. Definitely a healthier option for snack time!

4. DIY trail mix

Despite its name, trail mix can be a fun snack even when it’s enjoyed indoors. The combination of nuts, whole-grain cereal, and dried fruit can be eaten by the handful, making it an excellent alternative to chips or other junk food.

Nuts, dried fruit, and whole-grain cereal are good sources of fiber and antioxidants. Additionally, nuts contain healthy fats, an essential component for supporting growth. You can create a trail mix with different combinations of nuts, dried fruit, and whole-grain cereal. Keep an eye on the nutrition label too, just to make sure no additional additives are present.

5. Hard-boiled eggs

For a more savory snack, you can never go wrong with hard-boiled eggs. They only require boiling and a pinch of salt. You can even create batches of hard-boiled eggs and place them in the refrigerator for future snacking.

What makes eggs one of many healthy snacks for kids is their nutritional value. They provide high-quality protein and essential vitamins that boost eye health and brain development.

6. Frozen fruit popsicles

Another cool treat your child can enjoy is frozen fruit popsicles. Combine fruits with freshly squeezed fruit juices or milk, then freeze them in popsicle molds. It’s a snack that’s not only delicious but also healthy. You can even make these together with your kids to create a memorable bonding moment.

Fruits are highly nutritious and excellent sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Depending on the fruit you choose, they can also offer a wide range of sweet and sour flavors. Additionally, milk is rich in calcium, as well as vitamins like Vitamin D and Omega-3.

7. Sweet Potato Fries 

Sweet potato fries, or "kamote fries", make for a healthy and delicious snack for your child since they are a good source of essential nutrients and fiber. To boost their nutritional value, consider tossing them into the air fryer. Season them with a variety of flavors like salt, and pepper, 

For a healthier dip, you can pair it with mayonnaise. Remember to control portion sizes and pair kamote fries with other nutritious snacks like fresh fruits or vegetable sticks. 

8. Banana fritters 

Also known as ‘'maruya”, they are a nutritious choice for your kids. These fritters are made by coating slices of ripe bananas in a light batter and then frying them until they're golden brown. 

You can also serve them with a sprinkle of sugar or cinnamon for extra flavor and nutrients. Maruya is not only a delicious treat but also a source of potassium, vitamins, and dietary fiber, making it a great snack option.

Make Snack Time Even Better

Healthy snacking can also be a pleasant experience for children. These delicious, easy-to-make snacks prove that you can provide your child with much-needed vitamins and minerals without sacrificing taste. If your kid has any specific food allergies, consider finding alternative ingredients like using organic milk.

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