Cesarean Section (CS) Born Children

Mode of delivery can make a significant impact on a child’s nutrition support needs. For children born via cesarean section (CS), the probiotic transfer that happens during natural birth is bypassed. Discover why your choice of nutrition support can make a difference to your CS-born child’s early development.

Why the Right Nutrition Support Matters for Your CS-Born Child

Mode of delivery may have implications on the nutrition support needs of a child. Discover the role of maternal probiotics and why the right nutrition support matters for your CS-born child.   


What Is the Right Milk for Your CS-Born Child?

Cesarean section (CS) is a gift of life that does not come easy but is especially worth it. The latest research shows that the right nutrition support for your CS-born child can have a significant impact on early child development. 



Human Milk Probiotics: Not All Probiotics Are the Same

New research highlights the importance of probiotics for early childhood development. Discover the unique benefits of Human Milk Probiotics for your CS-born child.  



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