How much of what?

How do I know that my child is eating enough and is getting all the necessary?

Appetite and choice of foods are often very different from child to child and from day to day. Normally, children get all they need over a period of time. The best confirmation of an adequate supply is simple: if your child is normal in size and weight and is healthy, then they are getting enough. If you are unsure, talk to your paediatrician – they can help if necessary.

How many meals does my child need now?

From experience, 5 meals are just right for your child:
3 main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – plus one snack in the morning and one in the afternoon.

How many sweet things is my child allowed?

Sweets in moderation can be part of a child’s diet: that means once or twice a day a small amount, for example, a sweet spread on bread. It is important that children learn to how to deal with the subject of sweets. Parents must make sure the children don’t have too many sweet things, however, because:

  • eating sweet food too often damages teeth
  • sweet food usually contains lots of calories and very few nutrients such as vitamins and minerals

Eating too many sweets increases the risk of becoming overweight and not getting enough essential nutrients.

Our tip: better than snacking on sweets, it is better to offer sweet things at meal time, e.g. as a sweet spread on bread or some ice cream as a snack between meals. Snacking provides unnecessary calories and reduces appetite for regular meals.

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