Cesarean Section (CS) Born Children

Unlike children born via natural birth, children born via Cesarian section (C-section) delivery did not get the natural probiotic transfer, the foundation of their gut microbiome, at birth. 

Gut Microbiome – What It Is And Why Is It Vital For Your Child’s Immunity, Intelligence And Overall Health

The latest findings from health experts confirm how microbes in our gut play multiple roles in fighting infections, improving digestion and nutrient absorption, relieving constipation,  managing weight by curbing appetite, and even improving our memory, focus and moods.   


Your Child’s Gut Microbiome: Why is it important? What does it do? Where is it located and How does it Develop?

A healthy gut microbiome is a diverse group of microbes in your child’s tummy (or gut!) that helps support the development of  a strong immune system, metabolic health, and multiple intelligence function.  



Research-Backed Way To Improve Your Child’s Gut Health: Stronger Immune System, Metabolic Health, Multiple Intelligence Function

Scientists now consider gut microbiome as a new organ that supports a stronger immune system, metabolic health, and multiple intelligence function. 



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