5 Health Benefits of Organic Milk Drink You Didn’t Know


High-quality powdered milk drinks should be a staple in every child’s diet. They’re packed with several essential nutrients to help keep your children strong and healthy. But before you head out to the store, you should always keep in mind that not all milk supplements are the same.

While it may cost a bit more, there are several reasons why organic powdered milk drinks are the best option for your children. Besides being free from harmful chemicals, they contain higher amounts of antioxidants and nutrients to aid in their overall development. 

5 Health Benefits of Organic Milk Drinks You Didn’t Know

To convince you to make the switch, this guide will discuss five health benefits of organic milk.

1. Lessens risk of developing allergies
Going organic may help prevent your children from developing allergies. A study conducted in the Netherlands stated that children who drank organic milk were 36% less likely to acquire skin conditions, such as eczema.
Organic milk supplements may contain high levels of  Vitamin D. Giving your children their daily dose of antioxidants can help reduce the risk of allergic reactions and strengthen their overall immunity. 
2. Helps improve mental performance and immune function 
Omega-3 fatty acids can help improve mental performance, the bodily systems’ functions, and prevent autoimmune disorders. These are the reasons why health professionals recommend food rich in omega-3.
Apart from fish and nuts, organic milk formula supplements can also be a great source of omega-3. Studies show that organic milk contain 56% more omega-3 compared to conventionally produced options.
Note: Keep your children’s diet in check! Take a look at this guide to know more food options that are rich in Omega-3
3. Lessen risk of health hazards
Organic dairy farms follow strict requirements and regulations to ensure the highest quality products free from chemicals that don’t belong in your child. Cows graze in natural meadows and are not given prophylactic antibiotics, performance-enhancing substances, and GMO-food.
Organic milk supplements need to pass stringent quality control.  A certified organic seal means strict compliances with organic certification requirements start with soil quality, raw material purity, and thorough screening of ingredients. 
When you choose a certified powdered milk drink, you can be assured that you are giving your child  nutrition free from pesticide residue, other harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients. 

4. Lessens risk of promoting antibiotic resistance
The practice of prophylactic use of antibiotics for faster growth and disease prevention may result in antibiotic resistance and may trigger an allergic reaction in some children. 
Organic farms place great emphasis on their cows' well being and raise them in better living conditions. This holistic approach allows them to grow healthy cattle without the use of prophylactic antibiotics.
5. Minimize allergy triggers or health risks
The use of GMOs in farming to increase yield of crops is associated with health harms including allergic reactions. Over the past few years, there have been many debates and questions regarding the use of GMOs. To this day, conventional farmers use GMOs to increase the yield of their crops.
Genetically modified food may be harmful to human health. Because it may trigger different reactions in the body, including allergic reactions, organ damage, and more. 
In organic farms, cows are not given synthetic feeds with GMOs. Synthetic hormones and the prophylactic use of antibiotics are prohibited. Choosing an organic powdered milk drink may help reduce health risks associated with GMOs.
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Good nutrition for your children is fundamental for their good health and development. Choosing organic food and milk supplements free from chemicals that don’t belong in your child will play a big part in healthy living throughout their childhood and beyond.
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