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A HiPP employee in a laboratory environment wearing a white laboratory coat with the HiPP brand logo embedded on the chest pocket handling laboratory samples


We believe that quality control matters especially for milk, which is the first food of our children. Our HiPP Organic milk formula products pass through our comprehensive inspection system before earning the HiPP Organic Seal of Quality. To provide you with guaranteed safety, HiPP goes far beyond the statutory requirements and international rules on organic farming. 

Each content of our product undergoes up to 260 quality checks from soil analyses, to raw material analyses and checks of the finished product. As soon as the raw materials are delivered, they are examined by our employees and only the perfect ingredients are approved for processing. At HiPP, we carefully select ingredients to ensure optimum quality from all the quality checks.


The company's own accredited laboratory is one of the best in Europe and able to analyze at least 1,200 possible residues. Our state-of-the-art scientific methods are used for the quality assurance of raw materials and ingredients before reaching the market. By virtue of all of these measures, HiPP is able to ensure the unrivaled quality of its products with its seamless traceability of all the ingredients processed.

This special care and attention continue through the growing process all the way to the harvest and delivery to ensure the products produced are according to strict organic regulations required by law —Certified Organic, Free From chemicals that don’t belong in your child.