The Best for Nature.

An old photo of the HiPP farm


Our HiPP family has been practicing organic farming and sustainability for over 60 years. Ever since we decided to convert our family farms fully organic in 1956, we have never looked back. Sustainability matters as clean air & water, happy animals, and organically grown fruits and vegetables enable us to provide the safest nutrition that mother nature has to offer. Working with nature, rather than against it, is our way of taking responsibility for the next generations to come. We look into the future with hope through every organic product that we produce. 

Our HiPP farms are equipped with skilled farmers that practice natural approaches to farming, such as encouraging regular crop rotation instead of using artificial fertilizers. All our crops and feed for our cows contain absolutely no chemical synthetic pesticides or insecticides.

Before our products reach the market, we implement strict policies in quality checks that are far more extensive than what is required by the European Union organic farming regulations. This is to make sure that each milk formula product is at its safest, Free From chemicals that don’t belong in your child.



"Breast milk is the best for babies up to 2 years of age and beyond." "Ang gatas ng ina ang pinakamabuti para sa bata hanggang 2 taon at higit pa."

A display of HiPP's five milk products for children of different age ranges

Each HiPP product that you purchase is representative of our eco-friendly solutions to reduce packaging materials to an absolute minimum. We practice carbon neutral production in our plants and vehicle fleets. In order to safeguard our natural resources, each new box must always be ecologically sounder than its predecessor. We utilize FSC-certified packaging made of virgin fiber for our milk boxes, glass jars instead of plastic, and mineral oil-free vegetable printing ink for almost all of our products.

In simple terms, sustainability for us not a gimmick. Sustainability, for us, is about our children, our grandchildren, and the promise of a better world and future.