We care for nature by protecting biodiversity.


At HiPP, we believe the protection of biodiversity is of paramount importance to mankind more than ever. We are experiencing an alarming worldwide species loss, where 60% of ecosystems are considered damaged and 20% of its mammals are threatened by extinction. In the last six years, a breed has become extinct every month. With the lack of diverse habitats for specific species and genes, this leaves nature’s habitat at big risk and places human life in danger.

We take responsibility at HiPP to observe the safest practice in producing nutritious food for your little one by completely avoiding the use of chemical synthetic pesticides/insecticides and other chemicals. Instead, we always work with nature such as encouraging biodiversity through natural pest control.

In our organic farms, owls hunt mice, hawks scare away pigeons, hedgehogs take care of slugs and snails.


HiPP also holds high regard in protecting its fish stocks and the environment its fishes inhabit. With only MSC-certified fish from organic aquaculture, this means the fish stock present are from certified fisheries. This is guaranteed by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) that the fisheries being controlled meet the specified environmental standards.
It is amazing what nature can do if you care for it.
We guarantee that all our animal spaces are free from chemicals in order to produce premium high-quality organic milk products that are nutritious and safe for your child.