We care for our animals, too.


When it comes to animal welfare at HiPP, we believe in high-quality feed for the animals that inhibit our space. Our farms and fields provide ample space that is suitable for every animal present in our farms. We practice species-appropriate husbandry as a way to encourage the natural behavior of animals in their own habitats.


At HiPP, we feed our cows with hay and fodder that is strictly all-organic and contains no antibiotic residue, no performance-enhancing substances, or genetically modified raw materials (GMOs). We provide plentiful space more suitable for the wide array of animals that inhabit with our cows. Ample freedom to move through spacious fields enables happier and healthier animals. When our cows get sick, a withdrawal period is observed to ensure the health of the entire cattle. We avoid any form of prophylactic use of antibiotics, unless deemed necessary. After a sick cow isolated from the cattle reaches recovery, we take necessary measures to be sure that they are able to return to their group in good health and no harmful antibiotic residue.

HiPP employees regularly check the compliance with all the requirements of animal protection demanded by HiPP on-site. These comprehensive process checks enable us to guarantee our consumers that animal husbandry is kind and species-appropriate.


Here are some inhabitants we take care of in our farms:

Organic cattle. Cattle and calves live on local organic farms and can roam free outdoors. This makes them robust and boosts their natural resilience.

Organic pigs. The size of pigsties and run areas, the number of animal groups are specified according to the pigs' physiological requirements.

Organic chickens. Our organic chickens come from sustainably managed poultry farms: they can run freely, take dust baths and scratch the soil. They are fed with organic vegetable chicken feed. Poultry keeping is subject to regular veterinary supervision and must be seamlessly documented.

All animals maintained by HiPP also follow an organic lifestyle. This ensures that each product you purchase for your child’s nutritional needs are guaranteed and Certified Organic, Free From chemicals that don’t belong in them.