Vaccination schedule

Basic immunisation

Booster vaccinations

Vaccinations under special circumstances


An additional vaccination is recommended against pneumococci (may cause meningitis, blood poisoning, etc.) for children at increased risk due to illness and for premature babies (before the 38th week of pregnancy) as well as for newborn babies with a lower birth weight (below 2,500 g).

Infants in the 1st half-year require 3 vaccinations with 1-month interval from the 3rd month and a 4th vaccination in the 2nd year (older children only need 3 or 2 vaccinations). These vaccinations can be administered at the same time as the four 6-in-1 vaccinations.

Hepatitis B in newborn babies

If the mother is HbsAG (hepatitis B surface antigen) positive, or if the HbsAG status of the mother is unknown, the children should already be vaccinated as newborn babies:

1st vaccination until max. 12 hours after birth
(possibly at the same time as hepatitis B immunoglobulin (= a special serum with hepatitis B antibodies)
2nd vaccination 1 month later
3rd vaccination 6 months after the 1st vaccination

Chickenpox (varicella)

The varicella vaccination is a recommended standard vaccination for all adolescents who have not yet been infected with chickenpox or who have not yet been immunised against chickenpox. Adults with existing conditions, and especially women who want to have babies, should also be vaccinated if they have not had chickenpox.

For children from 9 months to 13 years, 1 vaccination is sufficient. Adolescents from 13 years and adults receive 2 vaccinations with a minimum interval of 6 weeks.

Whooping cough for parents and siblings

In order to protect the newborn baby and the young infant, those in close contact with the baby, especially elder brothers and sisters, should be vaccinated against whooping cough 4 weeks prior to birth at the latest if insufficient immunisation exists from previous vaccinations or past infections. No vaccinations are allowed during pregnancy. That means the mother should be vaccinated against whooping cough either before a pregnancy or during the first days after birth.

Influenza virus

An annual vaccination in the autumn is recommended for children (from 6 months), adolescents and adults with at increased risk due to an existing condition, such as, but not limited to a chronic disease of the respiratory organs (e.g. asthma), chronic cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver or kidney disease, or an immune deficiency disease.


A vaccination against meningococci is recommended for children and adults with certain innate or acquired immune deficiencies, and for children and adults after spleen removal (may cause meningitis and serious blood poisoning).

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE)

The TBE vaccination is recommended for children from 3 years or before going to stay (home/holiday) in a TBE risk area. 2 vaccinations with a 1 – 3 month interval and a 3rd vaccination 9 – 12 months after the second vaccination.