Where do our organic almonds come from? Where and how are they grown?

The originally wild growing almond tree is native to the Mediterranean, and has been cultivated for a long time. The almonds for the oil that HiPP uses come from Spain. Our almond trees grow on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, the “Costa Blanca” in the Alicante region, where the climate is just right. The almond trees are organically grown and farmed (according to the EU Organic Farming Regulation 834/2007/EU).

How is our organic almond oil obtained?

Our organic almond oil is obtained from ripe, sweet almonds – the “pinchados”. In Spain, the almond harvest takes place in August, and the almonds are then transported to Germany. Only the best quality nuts are chosen, cold-pressed and then filtered. The pressing is carried out by machine. The unwanted protein elements are filtered out. Only this cleansing process can guarantee a permanent product quality and safety.

Why is organic almond oil of such high quality?

Almond oil is one of the most valued and most expensive skin care oils. The oil content of an almond lies between 50 and 55%. Almond oil is light yellow, quite thin and has a characteristically mild fragrance and taste. Due to its composition, almond oil belongs to the most valuable skin care oils and has very nourishing properties: almond oil is naturally rich in skin-friendly, mono- and double unsaturated fatty acids (> 90%) that nourish and protect the skin particularly well. The percentage of oleic acid (~70%) is especially high in almond oil, followed by skin-active linoleic acid (> 20%). γ-linoleic acid has a very positive effect on dry skin. Almond oil also contains natural vitamin E (tocopherol), which is an antioxidant (as a free-radical interceptor), therefore it protects the skin from external influences.

Why is organic almond oil so well suited for baby skin care?

Almond oil has proven effective in cosmetics for centuries, and has been known for its skin care properties throughout history. It has proven itself in the care of sensitive baby skin as it is especially well tolerated by sensitive and dry skin and replenishes oils. Almond oil is incomparably mild and non-irritating. The combination of its nourishing effect and special mildness means that midwives often recommend it for baby skin care. It also makes a perfect massage oil as it leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft.